First one up

Hey there blog watchers.
This is my first post ever. You can probably work that out anyway by looking around and seeing there is nothing else here.

I was inspired to blog by my good friend in christ, brother in law, and fellow host of the worlds greatest podcast 'on the poddy with Dan and Dave' you can find it at

I'm not sure what I'll stick here. Probably just all the stuff I'm doing at the time.
Right now I'm sitting at Mum and Dads looking through various Christian Websites waiting for my beautiful wife to call me to tell me shes coming to pick me up.

Oh no!! I just realised I'm not wearing my Wedding ring. This is bad!!!
I'll get back to you and let you know when I find it.

Posted byDan at 12:00 PM  


David said... 6:54 AM  

Yo dan... it's Dave from 'On the Poddy with Dave and Dan'!!

Welcome to the world of blogs.

I'll add you as a link on my one...

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