John Piper, Jonathon Edwards, and John the Baptist

Hey there everyone. Sorry I haven't been blogging this week. I decided to not blog so much so as to spend more time reading and doing other productive things (like playing Half Life 2).
I have just finished one of my favorite books of the year - 'The Supremacy of God in Preaching' by Piper. The book takes you through the Goal of Preaching (God the father and his glory), the base of your preaching (God the son and his sacrifice), and the channel of your preaching (God the spirit and his indwelling work). I thought it was a ripper book. The other thing that Piper highlights is the huge effect Jonathon edwards has had on Piper's thinking and life. This is evident through all Piper's work but I haven't had him speak so explicitly about it until I read this book. He encourages readers to find their own hero of theology and immerse themselves in them. The only trick is who to choose???
On the weekend we had some baptisms at my church. I found it to be a greatly emotional time as my good friend Jackson was baptised and marked a change in his life to live for Christ. He has been a christian for a while but he wanted to have a marker of his decision. My other close friend Jono was involved in baptising one of his Youth group kids. I thought this was great as well: partly because he is an encouragement to me in the way he pastors those under his care, and partly because his name is Jono and I could make John the baptist jokes. Keep praying for Flipside. They meet today but I don't know if I'll go or not.

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David said... 9:44 AM  

hey dan.
good post.

have you chosen you're here yet?

i like charles simeon...
but haven't decided yet...

Jesus is probably the best hero of the faith.

Dan said... 11:33 AM  

To be honest I have many. but they are all flawed. I love JC Ryle but sometimes I don't agree with the way he engages with the text. I also love Richard Baxter but he seems to have some issues with the atonement. I found out this week that Charles Christopher Godden, My Grandpop's great uncle, was Moore college's first and only Martyr. He didn't ever write anything but I've been reading a little about him.

Nick said... 9:07 AM  

"Jesus is probably the best hero of the faith" -Dave

I agree. If you fmodel yourself on him as closely as possible, there isn't really much of a need to do so with anyone else (easier said than done)

Dan...A Half-Life 2 fan. Good on ya!!

mumma G said... 10:36 PM  

John piper is my hero. I love his teaching and his passion. His book on what to do when we don't desire God i thought was the best one of his he has written. Had some very helpful and practical things in it.

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