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Hey everyone. Sorry about the lack of online activity in the last little while. The Poddy didn't happen this weekend. Will probably have a stab at it tomorrow. I haven't blogged a large post in a while either. Dave would say that was for the best but...
Just started reading 'The Supremacy of God in Preaching' by John Piper this week. Enjoying it a lot. Also doing a bit of research into the Acts 29 group in the states. Still trying to work out whether I think they are pandying too much to the world or whether it is a godly act to reach the unsaved. No doubt they are driven by a Godly desire. Still thinking...

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jon said... 7:43 PM  

hey dan, just wondering what you mean by the acts 29 group panying up to the world?

jon said... 7:44 PM  


Dan said... 8:13 PM  

I dunno. I've changed my mind even since writing that post. What should drive us in our evangelism? should it be the world or should it be God? I think these guys would say both.

Nick said... 11:00 AM  

I think a certain amount of interaction with the surrounding culture is neccessary to effectively evangelise. However, in doing so we can't compromise for anypart of ourselves or the word of God. As someone said, we have to be in the world, but not of it.

PS. I still can't post via my blogger account here. Do i need beta blogger?

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