Infernal affairs

Watched this really good movie from Hong Kong this week. I've been meaning to watch it for ages. It was called Infernal Affairs. It was about an Undercover Cop working among the Triads and a Dirty Cop who was on the pay roll of the Triads. Really good! Made you think about good vs bad and whether anyone is really good.
Rom 3 tells us that there isn't anyone really good. There isn't anyone good at all. Only Jesus.
I have now said 'really good' four times.

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Captain Boaz said... 10:40 PM  

Hiya Daniel, just letting you know, that I have decided to become 'hip' and have created my very own myspace page, check it out!

Dan said... 10:43 PM  

how do I check it 'boaz'

Captin B said... 9:15 AM  

Well I asked Running Home for a add friend request, but you can also check it out at

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