Christian Science

I was just listening to last week's sermon at Mars Hill.

Driscoll said 'Christian Science is the most bizarre false advertising ever. There's nothing Christian and there's no Science.'

Not the main point but I laughed.

Posted byDan at 8:44 AM  


David Miers said... 4:49 PM  

i watched that talk last night.
it was gold!!

Anonymous said... 11:41 AM  

anyone who will take an honest look at Christian Science and what it has accomplished in the last 140 years, will see unequivocally that it is BOTH Christian AND Science.

verndigger, lifelong student of CS

Dan said... 9:30 AM  

Please explain to me how your view incorporates Christianity and Science.

Anonymous said... 6:28 PM  

Hi Dan - just saw your request.

Jesus demonstrated the laws of God, in every case superceding the so-called laws of matter.
he walked on the water, through solid walls, arrived in places by 'unknown' means, and healed every kind of ill.
Christian Science uses these scientific laws of God to do the same kind of healing today.
a science is repeatedly provable, and CS demonstrates the laws of God, the Principle of Life, every day, in the lives of thousands.


joel said... 4:52 PM  

Hey guys,

I watched that sermon too. Mark is very funny in his refutation of like every religion!

His point is correct - Christian Science is neither Christian or Science.

1) Christianity defines Jesus as God.
That is - Jesus is completely God and completely Human.

To my knowledge - this is something that CS will be opposed to or vague about (especially from the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy)

2) Science is the study of natural law and things observable.

CS as stated by anonymous and Mary Baker Eddy focuses on the superseding of natural law.

I would like to hear anonymous expound his case.


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