I'm reading 'Worship by the Book' edited by Don Carson. It's a good read. Something that I desperately want for the people at our church is that they worship God above all other things. A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk at youth from Romas 1:21-25. I was showing the youth that we all worship something. We can't help it. We are worshippers. Mark Driscoll in a sermon he gave two weeks ago helpfully pointed out that if we all worshipped God as God then we wouldn't sin. All sin is an outworking of our worshipping the wrong thing. We lie because we worship our own good reputation, we look at porn because we worship our own gratification, we steal because we worship our own attainment of stuff.
What I want from our church is that we are known for glorifying God as God. Sometimes music can be helpful in this because good christian songs highlight God's qualities and demand a human response. The problem I am faced with is that while I pray for our church to worship God above all things, I struggle with this so much myself. I fall into the trap of putting myself, music, my stuff above God. Pray for me that I would give glory and worship my God above all things. Pray that I would live out all my life in worship to him.

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