Why I blog infrequently by Daniel Godden

The reason is that there is always so many things happening at once. I could blog about Phat camp or about having a week of playing MAX PAYNE2 ( it rocks). But it seems silly to post about heaps of things at once. Another reason is that every three months or so I give Myspace a go. The most recent foray has been with Tammy and the Wolverines. You can check out our page www.myspace.com/tammyandthewolverines. Last day of holidays today. Hanging with family all day then church. Looking forward to hearing Craig Dobbie speak on the Trinity.

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Darkglasses said... 7:07 PM  

Why I comment infrequently by Joel Cleasby.

Yes I do read it even if there is not much to read, though you are a busy man so you have an excuse.

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