How deep the Father's love and Purpose

On Sunday night Dave M preached a sermon from Philippians 3 on valuing the right things. A focus of the sermon was on the fact that Paul's earthly religiosity was never going to save him and only Christ was worth valuing.
Our band had organised a set before the sermon with two songs - "How Deep the Father's Love" and "I Come by The Blood". As time wore on we worked out that we wouldn't be able to fit both songs in. One of the songs (How Deep) we were much tighter at playing but it didn't fit with the flow or content of the night as much as the other (I come by the blood).
While both songs were good songs lyrically, one fitted better than the other. This brought up many questions for me... Which is more valuable - a good song which will be easier to sing along to and that the band and congregation know well, or a song that will teach and encourage the congregation and complement what is being looked at in the Bible?
The question, I think, comes down to purpose. What is the purpose of singing different songs at different times? What is the purpose of the songs sung at the beginning of the night? What are the songs for that we sing before we hear God's word? Why do we sing after the sermon? What should we be singing?
If the purpose of singing before the sermon is just to loosen up and have a good sing of some great truths then I would decide to sing "How Deep the Father's Love" because we were more confident with that song. But if the spot has a far more intentional purpose and we are helping people to recognise something before they hear it explicitly taught, then "I Come By the Blood" is the better choice.
I thought that it could be beneficial to look at purpose all this week. I'll try and post about Why we sing in the broader sense but also why we sing at different times and what is helpful and what isn't. I'm keen to hear your thoughts... What would you have sung?

Posted byDan at 3:08 PM  


Max said... 10:01 PM  

I think "I Come By The Blood" was the better choice.
It fitted with the sermon better, although after listening to the sermon I think "How Deep the Fathers Love" did tie in a bit aswell.

Dan said... 3:58 PM  

You love it.

max said... 10:56 PM  

You know I do.

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