Resource frenzy

I'm on a bit of a resource frenzy at the moment. I thought it would be good if I stuck up here a bunch of sites I'm looking at that could be helpful in different ways..

Andy M posted abut hymns and comtemporizing (is that a word) them. One group that are brilliant at this and have already written new music or updated old music to hundreds of hymns is Indelible Grace.
They have a hymn book that is free to download with guitar chords, lead sheets and vocal sheets.
Another site worth checking out is Cyberhymnal. I have a link to them in my sidebar. The site is really daggy and the midi files that play over the top of some of the pages are atrocious. It is a good site for finding out information about hymns that you love though.

For sound and thinking about tech stuff... there has been a good post up on the Garage Hymnal blog this week about sound gear. I also found a cool blog from a guy who runs the sound team at Covenant Life church in the states. Interesting stuff.

For thinking about theology and music... I've been greatly encouraged by the free lectures you can download from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary school of Worship. There are heaps of great gems here. Particularly listen to the lectures from Dr Harold Best, Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend, and David Peterson. Great stuff.

All that should keep you going for a while.

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Andy M said... 3:57 PM  

Thanks for the links Dan - very useful.

I was already familiar with Cyberhymnal and agree about their corny tunes.

But wow, that Indelible Grace site is a real find. How did you come across that? Seems to have a mix of new arrangements to old tunes, and some completely new tunes.

Are you aware of anything similar for Christmas carols - i.e. updated arrangements of the old familiar tunes? I've seen one or two sites that sell full orchestra scores but they're quite pricey, and I really only need a simple lead sheet arrangement.

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