Why I love Contemporary Christian Music

I spend a lot of time devoting myself to defending the place of hymns in our church context. I have all the arguments and reasoning down pat and I'm sure that I rant about it probably too much! What can happen then is that we forget why we do Contemporary music. Sometimes you can get so good at arguing one way that you forget why you do things another way.
I think that often churches that want to be contemporary miss the point of contemporary music and why it is so useful. Over the next week I'll put up a few posts that outline the question - 'why comtemporize (I love making up new words)'.
Contemporary music has heaps of historical, cultural and musical implications that people don't take the time to think about and so just charge in without being intentional just because everyone else is contemporary. I'll try and put something up this afternoon or tomorrow on 'Why contemporary music is different and how to use it well.'

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