Luther and Dave Miers

Two weeks ago, Dave gave a talk at church about Jesus from Luke 4 when he was preaching to his homies in Nazareth. Dave mentioned how the Nazaretheans reacted against Jesus because they had known him as a boy.

Read this quote from Luther this morning that made me laugh out loud.

'...For what is more wonderful than the unspeakable mystery: that the Son of God, the image of the eternal Father, took upon Him the nature of man? Doubtless, He helped His supposed father, Joseph, to build houses, for Joseph was a carpenter. What will they of Nazareth think at the day of judgement, when they shall see Christ sitting in his divine majesty?
Surely they will be astonished, and say: "Lord, you helpest build my house, how comest you now to this high honour?" '

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David said... 6:00 PM  

that picture is not as i'd imagined luther...

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