mewithoutyou and boring Christian pop

I don't generally listen to Christian music unless I am trying to choose songs for church. Part of the reason for this that I find a lot of Christian bands trying to fit generic moulds but with cool Christian catch phrases. I have heard people saying that for every big Non-Christian band there is a Christian equivalent with edifying lyrics. I don't think that that is as exciting as people think. It just shows that Christians can lack the creativity to push the boudaries of genre and set standards for musical creativity and excellence. In the past it was Christians who were the creative geniuses of their day. Beethoven, Bach and others wrote music for their churches but in so doing influenced the world with their genius. It was their understanding of us as creators with God's creation that allowed them to shape ideas and set trends.

HOWEVER, I have recently been listening to a Christian band who have changed my mind. Their name is Mewithoutyou. They use poetry and musical phrases that are not always conventional. I seriously recommend. Their album Brother, Sister has some sweet tunes and awesome poetic lyrics that capture things like faith, God's sovereignty, Man's helplessness, and sin. Download it. It will change your mind about Christian bands. There may be hope yet.

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