Check this out and download. Good music. Good times. These albums aregreat for rocking out to in your car or sitting and reflecting.
Go to music in the drop down menu and then click worship albums. The Red Letter album rocks. Lots of posting today...

Posted byDan at 3:57 PM  


David said... 5:00 PM  

lots of posting indeed!

there's no brothers of the empty tomb album... bummer... maybe soon.

RodeoClown said... 3:17 PM  

Could you get the Author and Protector MP3 from the Red Letter album?

hayesy said... 6:38 PM  

Rodeo, try downloading it from this page (Use IE or turn off the mozilla 'live bookmark' thingymagjig)
I chose to link to that page rather than the file itself because, incidentally, I saved loads of time using the DownThemAll firefox plugin to download all the files in one click from the RSS page. Perhaps something to add to the blog entry, Dan?

hayesy said... 4:00 PM  

Is there a difference between the live albums posted and the live recordings on their music RSS feed?

Dan said... 6:34 PM  

yeah they are more polished and mixed nicer

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