Best church drama ever

Church drama is often cheesy. This video brought tears to my eyes and I don't tear up very often at all. There are some things I would change about the drama but it's pretty awesome. Watch till the end.

Posted byDan at 12:17 PM  


RodeoClown said... 1:27 PM  

Gah - stupid tears, they got me too.

'Twas indeed a good drama.

I kept thinking that Jesus looked like Ricky Gervais though. I'd change that.

Dan said... 6:21 PM  

Haha. Now I can't stop laughing as I watch.
How good is the crowd involvement with the drama!

Aaron Plunkett said... 7:06 PM  

What would you change?

Dan said... 8:20 PM  

I've thought more... I don't like depicting Jesus - as Ricky Gervais or anybody. Don't know why. I just feel uncomfortable.
The other thing is the way that she is not responsible for her sin. Sin is depicted as an evil thing thrust on her rather than an evil thing that is part of her.
What do you reckon?

andy said... 10:18 AM  

great drama. the crowd really gets involved.

Tim said... 11:55 AM  

I choked up too
please don't tell anyone
I would love to have seen the crowd mount the stage and help her out

Aaron Plunkett said... 3:57 PM  

Yeah I'd agree with that. God emphasis on how she wasn't able to get out of her sin on her own but needed Jesus 2 change her.
Lets give it a go next week at church, I'll be Jesus u can b the chick.

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