crazy font

sorry about the crazy font on that last post. It's because I don't edit in HTML cos I've never learned.

Posted byDan at 5:08 AM  


Ben said... 8:23 AM  

I had a wacky html formatted, font crazy response typed in, and then Blogger told me,

"Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: [font size="80px"]"

Damn you, Google.

(Brackets around html tag changed to [] because otherwise Blogger sees it as an html tag and we would enter an infinite loop and possibly be destroyed. No one wants that.)

David said... 10:19 AM  

you don't have to know how to use html...

you can either just paste it into the html view in blogger... it will do it as plain text...

otherwise you can paste the formatted gear into something like notepad and then copy it out again... it should lose the formatting on the way.

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