Music is special

I love music. All kinds. Music is profound. It is just organized sounds that can shape our feelings and even have been proven to shape and assist in healing our physical bodies. It can be so tremendously complex that you could lose yourself within it's theories and mathematical formulae or you can skim the surface with a three chord pop song. Music is it's deepest and most profound when it is created to give weight or shine light on it's ultimate creator, God. Luther called music the 'handmaiden of theology'. Lots of people can become lost in music and totally miss the creator of sound himself who all music is created to point to. Instead we worship the creation and become idolaters. What a waste of such a precious resource. It's like going to the Taj Mahal and just looking at the lawns instead of walking down them to the monument.

Love music. I do. But love God who made it for you to shape and enjoy for his glory.
(Picture is of the score to the Mario Bros music)

Posted byDan at 7:56 AM  


hayesy said... 12:41 PM  

Have you been following this?

Dan said... 2:55 PM  

yeah. Interesting.

hayesy said... 4:44 PM  

I think it is helpful to have great music, in terms of bringing people to church - they have fun!
As long as it isn't the focuss...

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