Big week, New Year

This week I've done a lot of self evaluation in terms of how I have led the music team this year. I think that although there has been awesome progress, that is in spite of my leadership not because of it. Now is the time to start looking to next year and what we will do differently. One thing that I'm challenged with at the moment is the need to introduce new songs.
I used to be quite good at doing this but due to stress and a lack of time, have slowed down. I actually have about seven songs that I'd like to introduce to the band, but the problem is getting everyone together to learn them.
What do you think is the best way for a band to learn new songs? All at once? Over time? On a Sunday? At another time? The other consideration is the different needs of Morning and Night church congregations. Ideally I think I'd like them to both be doing the same songs but playing and arranging them differently. How is the music different between morning and Night at your church?
Next year is going to be exciting but with lots of challenges. Pray for us as we keep trying to help people feel what they know, through song.

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