Alright. Now we are set to go

This is a bit more conventional. It's probably very unprofessional to comment on my editing through posts, but the two of you who read this will have to get over that. Just to make the page look extra special, heres a photo:

Posted byDan at 10:04 AM  


RodeoClown said... 10:54 AM  

Who's the other reader?

Dan said... 12:25 PM  


Dave Miers said... 1:58 PM  


RodeoClown said... 2:05 PM  

Your audience just grew by 50%!

Good stuff!

hayesy said... 1:23 PM  

I guess that makes me 25% of your readership.
Wow. I've never felt so special :P

mg said... 9:21 PM  

what is Riley doing inside?

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