The Tick is the greatest Superhero of all time. He and his sidekick Arthur patrol 'The City' keeping Evil at bay and defending justice.

I love this cartoon!

Ren bought me the complete series for my birthday and I'm about half way through.

Definately worth a look!

Posted byDan at 7:52 AM  


David said... 12:18 PM  

i've put you as a link on my blog...
now it's your turn!

Dan said... 3:09 PM  

how do I do it?

David said... 12:54 AM  

i'll show you soon.
easier to show than explain.
some templates it easier than your one... but yeah... stay tuned

RodeoClown said... 8:24 AM  

The Tick is awesome!

"Not in the face!"

Great work on the Poddy btw.

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