I miss Jono

Hey there Blog watchers.
I thought I'd tell you all about my mate Jono. He is doing his final year of Physiotherapy at the moment and so is on an internship to Tamworth (about 5 hours away). We interviewed him on our podcast on friday night. I'm pretty sure he is the funniest person I know. I will miss him while he's away.

Posted byDan at 12:51 PM  


Aaron said... 1:05 PM  

Yeah, jono's a cool guy. I look forward to leading at senior youth and serving with him.
Look forward to rocking with u real soon. I have mon and thurs off uni and wednesday avo off as well. I'll give u a buzz later about it.

David said... 2:13 PM  

we missed onoj on the bball court last night!!

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