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Hey everyone. Thanks for your comments and for visiting. My internet at home is temporarily down so blogging has been slow.
I'm at mum and Dads at the moment listening to some politically charged bluegrass with my brother. He's a pretty fun guy. He is a bit of a nature boy. This photo was taken at New Zealand when we went earlier this year. He always finds these obscure authors and artists and musicians. This bluegrass is by David Rovics.. Check him out if you can.

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jon said... 3:24 PM  

Hey dan the man, thats a great photo of your bro, i just chatted to him cause were seeing a girl play in newtown tonight he seems pretty busy with an assignment at the moment but. im writing this with some great music in the background mums watching a dvd of a chortet (?? spelling) in america of four guys singing some great gospel songs old hims and stuff, the words are so powerful and in these interviews of the four guys on the dvd there so theologicaly solid that when they sing, it just shines out of them. they sang on the old rugged cross a few songs ago it was great..anywho enjoying your blog..has riley been on yet??
have a great week.


P.S dont hink ill get my own blog just yet, im just enjoying writing comments at the moment.

Fatigued Penguin said... 6:01 PM  

Hey cool blog


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