Hey there Blog Watchers. I just stumbled across some websites that I found interesting. The Reforming Alliance and EMU (Evangelical Members of the Uniting Church). These guys are groups who have chosen to stay with the Uniting Church in order to fight against the Liberal Apostasy that they see there. Heaps of interseting stuff on Homosexuality in the Bible and things like that.
Keep praying for these groups that they would stay sharp and see a difference.

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David said... 11:31 AM  

hey there blog writer.
thanks for these links.

from blog watcher (have u got any others yet???)

Dan said... 10:29 PM  

no. Where would I get them from?
I've been posting a little bit on others blogs. Maybe I need to do it more.

David said... 9:32 AM  

i'll see what i can do!

jon said... 11:25 AM  

Hey dan, yay i can post! great blog by the way.

Dan said... 3:04 PM  

thanks mate. When are you going to start a blog brother?

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