Individualistic generation

I just read this article from the Sydney Morning Herald. What a surprise! Our generation is too individualistic to care about God. The article speaks about how in the past the highest predictor of whether you ended up a christian or not was the beliefs of your parents.
The article says that that means in the future the trajectory will be less and less christian church attendance.
We should pray for a spiritual revival among our generation. We know that is not our parents that ultimately determine our eternal home, it is the Lord and his spirit working in us.
In terms of how this study and general trends ought to influence our evangelising, we should be telling more and more people the gospel as we know they are less likely to hear it from school or parents.
I'm part of a mission that is held in the first week of January every year. Part of ouyr week is taken up with Door knocking houses in the local area. Over the years I have had conversations with more and more young people who haven't rejected the gospel they heard at sunday school - They have just never really heard it. This is a big shift in culture!
I reckon this study and general cultural trends mean that as less people have had prior contact with churches or scripture, we should be a little different in the way we speak. We can no longer assume people know what Jesus did or what the Bible says.
We have become missionaries to a culture that isn't hardened against God's Grace, but rather no longer knows who God is.

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David said... 9:41 AM  

i read that article this morning too.

agree with rob forsythe and you that it's not an unexpected finding.

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