My Dad

I have just realised that my Dad has been commenting on my blog. I love my Dad. He's a great guy. He is stronger than me. I spent today trying to outdo him by lifting things but he wouldn't have it. Even when it looked like he was going to pop a hernia or something. Thats something I really admire about my Dad - His strength. He's an awesome leader of our family and he is always seeking to serve us and his Lord better. Happy Fathers day everyone. Why don't you comment here about what you love about your Dad.

Posted byDan at 11:13 PM  


David said... 5:30 PM  

he's gentle

jon said... 9:43 PM  

hey dan great new look to your blog i love it i must say..i liked the other design to but this one is heaps easier to read..glad you left the tick man still there. Yeah dads are cool i shattered my dads feelings a few years ago in the strength department i think all us boys can now easily beat him in an arm wrestle..your dad must be stronger than my dad! hey doctor Godden i think your great to hope you had a good fathers day..

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