I've been thinking a little about this word lately. Tim Challies has written a helpful article about imputation and it's unique characteristics. Worth a read!

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CraigS said... 8:58 AM  

Imputation rocks - it is one of my favourite biblical concepts.

Dan said... 9:42 AM  

Piper has written a book on it that I'm about to start reading. Looks exciting. We are so blessed that not only has God imputed our sin to Jesus but he has imputed his righteousness to us.

David said... 9:45 AM  

piper has a free book here
it's not the most academic... he gets trashed a bit by carson, seifreid and the like (that's what heardy said... he's been doing a stack of gear on righteousness at the moment.

David said... 9:45 AM  

you beat me!

Dad said... 11:00 PM  

Hi Daniel

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