Romans 11

Hey everyone. I am giving a Youth group talk on Romans 11 this friday night. I find it a really hard passage to write a talk to teenagers on. Have a read here and let me know what you think.

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David said... 9:56 AM  

hey dan...
i think i'm preaching on that at church next term... so let me know how you go!!

David said... 9:57 AM  

i think i've told you about this one b4... but you can check out calvin and luther etc and all their commentaries online at
it's pure gold.
i think they've done a recent update that is a bit more user friendly.


Nick said... 5:14 PM  

I don't really know much about talk-giving, but I suppose you talk about, in terms of one blanket idea, that we rely on God for everything, and are nothing without him. 1)The remnant. God has chosen those who he will accept, and they come to him by GRACE ALONE(no works).
2) The branches. Basically people shouuldn't boast about their position, as they are dependent on the root ie God.
3)All Isreal. Basically a reminder that Jesus died for all people( however this does not mean he is saying everyone is automaticall saved)And that God is fulfilling his promises through Moses and Abraham (kinda the fathers of all people) even though we screw up. God keeps his promises always.
4) Doxology.Basically an outpouring of deserved praise for our God, whose knowledge and power resulted in the salvation of Jews and Gentiles.

So, yeah. Quite a bit in there. Probably thought of most of this stuff already. As to how to make it appealing to teens, your call (even though I am one :))

philidoc said... 11:05 PM  

Is verse 22 an admonition to continue in the faith or risk "losing your salvation" - though with a possibility of coming back again???

Dan said... 11:13 PM  

Oh Dad... you and your perserverance of the saints.

joel said... 5:43 PM  

Hey dan,

Cool blog - i finally found it!

This is a way old but i'm always interested in bible discussion!

My take on Romans 11 is similar to nick and you and dave i guess.

Where i take this passage is in relation to eschatology (end times).

I believe this passage to be literal.
I believe that all Jews will eventually be saved. They will be saved by their faith in Jesus Christ when their stubborn hearts will be opened to the truth and they will see Jesus for who he really is.

This view isn't too popular at present cause we've got many takes on Revelation now - but in the early church it seemed to be this kinda vibe:

- The majority of Jews are stubborn in accepting Jesus because they were waiting for a glorious Messiah .
- Because of their unbelief God's blessing was poured out on the Gentiles who believed.
- Some Jews believed (Paul, Peter etc) which was the remnant of Israel.
- Similar to the days of Elijah where he thought that he was the only true Jew remaining but God reminded Elijah of the remnant he has kept.view here

- Therefore rather than spiritualise these passages and "This is a reminder that Jesus died for all", Paul seems to say literally "All Jews will be saved"

I probably could have explained this better but its 5:30 in a Friday arvo and i've gotta catch a train! hehe!

I'm still working through this concept too so by no means do i have the absolute truth.

Keen to hear yours and others thoughts too.

Peace out

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