Dave and I have a podcast called On the Poddy. This week we announced that if we didn't get 20 e-mails confirming that people still listen then we would axe the show. The E-mails thundered in.
One interseting e-mail was from a Dutch Lady with her own blog. I can't understand the words because its in Danish but you can make out a few. . Seems like she reviews podcasts then translates the gist of them into her native tongue.
We are truly going global.
Anyone have any other random overseas connections?

Posted byDan at 3:52 PM  


David said... 4:35 PM  

hey dan check out my blog here and here

we've now got some 40 emails... but we might still need a couple more unique emailers!

(rodeo did a stack!!)

Nick said... 7:15 PM  

If you mean someone from outside the state, no, i don't know anyone. Here is a partial translation of her thing, courtesy of InterTran:
A hyggesnak comical podcast by softfont jazz that gratifying background and disperses. TO that episode advertise Dave and Dan a interesting little contest where they'll bust a iPod by a √łkse or Is it a portaPotti kemikloset , they'll massakrere? That spoken language by deep australia dialog. After intersperse too single sentences in German. The threat vil become eksekveret unless they gets at least ten emails by weekenden , that protest against that beef the weeks. Attach vil receive a kupon to that purchase music at iTunes! There pjattes whole part by ordspillet at PODDY and POTTY.
...There you are. I makes so much more sense now ;)
Oh yeah, nice blog

Dan said... 10:59 PM  

thanks man. Now I'm more confused. Where is this okse that we are going to bust an ipod by?

David said... 12:40 AM  

that's crazy!

Nick said... 5:03 PM  

I have no idea...It's probably just talking about you giving away an itunes card, but I'm not sure... Still, better than in 100% danish, right?

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