Riley the hell hound

Renae has been away for this weekend at her cousins in Brisbane. That means its just been me and the dog at home. He's a pretty cool housemate except thhat he leaves chunks of meat lying around.
I really enjoy having a dog. I used to find him a pest and I still do sometimes but its good having something to walk with and he forces me to do exercise. He isn't the best dog to have if you don't like dogs though. He can be a bit in your face. I like him and I like that he likes me.

Posted byDan at 10:24 AM  


Dan said... 11:17 PM  

C'mon! comment if you love Dogs. At least if you think my puppy looks cute.

guthers said... 1:07 PM  

I think your dog is cool dan!

David said... 9:17 AM  

it's a baby killer!!

Andy said... 9:20 PM  

i love your dog

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