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Hey all. I have been looking around lately to buy a new Bible. My old NIV has had the unfortunate experience of being devoured, not just by me in my study of the scriptures, but by my Dog in his study of what things taste good.
Have thought through a few different options. One thing I will miss about my old Bible is all the notes and underlinings I have put in over the years. However with a new more sturdy Bible I can keep all those notes for a longer time.
I have decided my next Bible will be an ESV. My prediction is that in five years the NIV will become more obsolete and less loved and people will need to choose sides between the TNIV and the ESV. Also one of my main reasons for holding onto the NIV was that my Youth group boys were younger and they understood it better. Now they are all men and leaving youth group so that argument is over.
I have come into two options one takes less time and more money and the other takes less money but heaps of time. I am tossing up between getting the ESV Journalling Bible or making my very own Blank bible, Jonathon Edwards style. The Blank Bible would be a cool project plus it keeps the centre column of references. It's just going to be a pain to make. Maybe thats half the fun.

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Nick said... 9:21 AM  

Yeah, journal is probably the best of the two, and yes, i think NIV will fade out too. But I love my NIV study Bible so much...

David said... 9:44 AM  

i'm not a bible marker.
and i use a bunch of different ones.
yonkers ago... i only knew bits of the bible cos of where they were on the page...
but i use
1) niv to teach with
2) esv to study myself
3) nasb to read with row
4) i'm trying to learn greek on monday mornings... i've pretty much got the alphabet down-pat! still a litte way off reading it straight from the greek though!

niv isn't dead yet...
and carson says that some people are over-reacting with the TNIV thing... don't have a quote or ref. for that... but you could easily google it.

R. Mansfield said... 10:18 AM  

There are a number of very nice editions available in the TNIV Study Bible. Check it out:

David said... 10:35 AM  

does that dude just have a TNIV web crawl set up so that whenever someone blogs about it... he can go and comment!!!

Dan said... 12:35 PM  

dunno. maybe I'll try a little experiment...

R. Mansfield said... 4:20 PM  

Hey fellas, yes, I am kinda on patrol about the TNIV. I came to the same conclusion that David mentioned from Carson that "people are over-reacting with the TNIV thing." So when I see comments about it, I try to determine if the folks on the site are reasonable and can hold discussion and if so I might make a comment. Sometimes I decide to just pass on to something else.

Anyway, give it a try. And read D. A. Carson's and Mark Strauss' books on the debate. It's good to get both sides of an issue.


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