Talladega Nights

I went and saw Talladega nights last night with Ren and some others. Hilariously funny! However there was one part in the movie where Will Farrell's character, Ricky Bobby said that when he prays he likes to imagine baby Jesus. Other characters go on to talk about their favourite Jesus and the movie goes on.

However I think this is an interesting comment for the movie makers to make. (I don't know if this was even what they were thinking). They highlight how stupid it is for everyone to have their own versions of Jesus. There is only one Jesus. The Jesus of the Bible. To imagine him as anything other than how he reveals himself in the Bible is not only creating an Idol, it's creating a way for yourself to not have to deal with the real Jesus and his real claim on your life.

Posted byDan at 2:23 PM  


David said... 3:36 PM  

people like to create Jesus/God in their own image.

they get it the wrong way around... we are created in His image.

Anonymous said... 9:06 PM  

Hey Dan,
just wanted to let you know im listening!! or watching... you know what i mean.
Peace Out!

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