I reckon Hymns are a great way of teaching young people not to buy in to the consumerist culture that surrounds them. Its great singing Hymns at Youth Group and church because they give you a sense that ours is a historic faith and that many have gone before us. Most Christian music these days lasts about five or six years before the songs are discarded by the song leader as being out of date. I don't think thats any great evil of the song leader, I think its just that songs these days are written to engage with pop culture (something that changes regularly) and so they are doomed the second they are penned to paper. Hymns on the other hand make no claims to be contemporary and so are in a sense timeless. On the flipside of that, Hymns can be tricky old things to sing and are not very accomodating to the outsider visiting church. So my strategy is keep singing good contemporary christian music and sprinkle in a smattering of hymns. thoughts?

Posted byDan at 7:47 AM  


jon said... 9:46 AM  

I think that is a great idea Dan bring on the spattering of Hyms. Hyms are Gold.

The Audio Brothers said... 3:15 PM  

I personally don't like hyms that much (I like the words,just not the pace)
Being someone who likes beats it is hard to like slow stuff like hyms,maybe hyms with an R & B Beat.

I do however agree that we should hold on to the history of God and anything for that matter , if you don't know where you came from how do you know where you are going , we should never be directed by consumerism and the world around us. (Easier said than done though I know)

Anonymous said... 9:59 AM  

Go for it

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