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My Band (Running Home) is hopeless at getting things done. We were going to have band practise on Saturday and now its off. What do you guys think about Christian bands? helpful? waste of time? what are your thoughts on a band of christians vs a christian band? anything?

Posted byDan at 3:35 PM  


Ian said... 4:01 PM  

I mainly listen to Christian music, but I don't like cheesy stuff (read: most (but not all) Hillsong) or fake stuff.

Be honest with both your lyrics and your music. Don't sing what you don't believe and don't just copy another 'non-Christian' band but with God-words...

It sucks when people don't turn up to practice though, doesn't it?

Ian said... 4:02 PM  

Um, by Ian, that should be RodeoClown, but Blogger is being stupid...

Aaron said... 12:47 PM  

Sorry for the mix-up guys. I will try to joke less and make clear statements more.

Nick G said... 5:27 PM  

I agree mainly with RodeoClown, and have many, many problems with a lot of Hillsong stuff. I mainly listen to EMU songs, older Sonicflood stuff, and Nathan Tasker (who rocks!!)

Dan said... 9:06 AM  

Aaron. When you post a comment you need to make sure the public can understand what you are saying.
Aaron (in my band) cancelled practise by mistake. Its back on now.

The Audio Brothers said... 7:23 PM  

Band of christians vs a christian band.

Christian bands (Hillsong?)

I am not a big fan of any church like Hillsong that runs like a business and seems to focus more on selling CD's than delivering the word of God (Not fact - My opinion only) ..I think this should be a fear of any church and I hope that our Church does not go down that track in the future.
As for christian Music it is good if every song is not God this and God that , as that becomes a bit boring. It is good to hear christian songs about things like , the struggles of being a christian in todays world , how we ought to be more like christ , and how we should relate to each other and set good examples for others to follow etc. , I find these kinds of songs tend to come more from the heart and not just from the head.
With christian bands you are more limited - songs tend to be about religious veiws , god , personal experiences etc , a non christian band can sing about anyone or anything , also the christian bands audience is more limited. (With Some Exceptions). Waste of time no.
For a young bloke Dan you have written some good clean christian songs that get the message across quite clear,well done keep it up.

Anonymous said... 7:24 PM  
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The Audion Brothers said... 7:28 PM  

Sorry for the double post Dan,maybe you could delete one.

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