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Hey all. It's been ages since I last wrote something down. I feel like I really haven't had much to say. Running Home has their own myspace site now so you can go check that out here. Ren and I have been watching all of the Star Trek Generations movies. We just finished Nemesis. I loved them. I've never been into star trek but this might become a new thing for me... watch this space.
I bought a new book called 'The way and wonder of worship' by Geoffery Bingham. I got it from our church's secondhand bookstore (definately going to be raiding that more often). I started reading it tonight in the bath. First chapter has some interesting observations. I'll tell you more about the book in a while. Youth Group starts back this week. I'm giving a talk on Matt 5:1-12. Should be good fun.

One thing worth noting is that We started recording our EP last week. It was an awesome day and I can't wait to do a bit more work on it.

Poddy should come soon. brand new Boaz.

Posted byDan at 10:20 PM  


Joel C said... 8:28 AM  

Ah good to hear that Boaz will be making a return at last!

The Perfectionist in me would like to correct you.
The ST movies you refer to involve 'The Next Generation' cast. These are technically movie numbers 7-10 as the Original Series cast are the first 6 movies.
Joel's opinion of best to worst of the 4 movies:
1. First Contact (bestest)
2. Nemesis
3. Generations
4. Insurrection (Worstest)

Dan said... 9:36 AM  

I liked Nemesis best because of the deep ending. Generations second because it tied it all together. I agree about insurrection being the worst. Where to from here??? What should we watch next?

Nick said... 6:42 PM  

Insurrection was alright...or maybe I just can't remember the whole story. First Contact was cool 'cause it had the Borg. If you need to watch something, watch Stargate. It think its better (though Voyager is pretty fine)

Hey, you could do a sci-fi poddy! For all us nerds... -_-

David said... 8:18 AM  


Anonymous said... 9:19 PM  

Im with dave. Star Trek - waste of film and time.
Trekkie Nerds.......LOL

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