What is go?

Go is a game I love. It is an ancient chinese game that involves two players. It is a great game because it makes me think hard. I like games that make you work hard at them. I play Go each week on a tuesday night with a friend of mine, Adrian. I colead a bible study with him and its a good time to chat and plan while battling each other on the board. We drink tea at the same time. I promise I am not a buddhist. I took this photo last night. I have beaten him lots recently but it seems to go in waves. I've started this newthing where I will seek to play games with the people I meet up with through the week. I play Backgammon with a friend of mine and Tennis with another. Soon I will be a games wizard.
On a more serious note, it really is good to challenge your mind the way that go does. Both Adrian and I have found it stimulating to conversation and it has helped my concentration levels grow. This helps with reading too. And listening to long sermons.

Posted byDan at 11:34 AM  


Nick said... 12:09 PM  

Wow! Maybe play games would help me when I study. I don't think my parents will by that though

Anonymous said... 9:15 PM  

"it really is good to challenge your mind the way that go does"

Got a spell checker dan or is that tongues you speaking in????


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