A few good Men

The year group that I look after at Youth Group have just finished their HSC exams. This is a milestone for them and is the first step in I what I hope and pray are mature, strong Christian lives. It is something of a milestone for me also as I think back over the times I have spent with them. When I first became their leader they were only in year 8 and I was just out of school. Actually many of them are now older than I was when I started looking after them. We used to meet in one of their houses and read the Bible together. Our first series was in 1 John, just because thats what my Uni Bible study was doing and I stole the notes. Then we moved on to Ezekiel. That was ambitious of me but it was good fun and the years rolled by.
As the years rolled by it was sad to see many of them stop returning my calls and invitations to Youth Group or other events and slowly slip away. Many of the original boys who I looked after in that Lounge room no longer call Christ their saviour. That makes me very sad. However over the years there have been many who have joined us. And the other thing that has been great and rewarding and fulfilling is seeing all of these guys not only come to Christ (which in itself is a miracle beyond miracles and never to be taken for granted) but also they have become involved in service and ministry and evangelism.
They have become men. and not just men cos they can grow a better beard than me, men in the spiritual sense. Making manly decisions. Godly decisions. I love these men. They will always be my younger brothers. I pray for them every Tuesday and Friday and I hope that doesn't cease. I pray that they will keep on keeping on and they would fall more and more in love with Jesus. Now as I watch them take on small groups of their own I pray they remember not too much of what I showed them, and a lot of what the Bible has shown them. Pray for my guys as they go on schoolies and pray for them as they head off on their futures.

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jon said... 9:02 PM  

They really are a great year of guys, encouraging to see the fruits of your ministry that Christ blessed you with. I look forward to watching these guys in the coming years and where God leads them..and you too what will you do now they leave youth?

Dan said... 11:22 PM  

I'll still hang around. Maybe in a slightly different capacity

Ricky said... 9:53 AM  

What, no photos of Jared or me? Bit of favourtism ;) Kidding

Hey started my own blog last night

Thanks for the prayers Dan and guidance, all the guys, me included, really do appreciate it.

Nick said... 5:17 PM  

Well, I've done my chem hsc this year, caus i did it a year early (prods blog which no one has commented on recently) and so I guess i kinda know what a great feeling it is to finish the HSC. Well, technically I've experienced only 1/6th of that, but, you know...

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