Wheres all my comments?

Wheres all the love? If there is no love here soon I might not keep on going. with the Blog that is.

Posted byDan at 11:31 AM  


RodeoClown said... 12:09 PM  

I love the tick - he is awesome!


Oh, and the blog - you write interesting stuff, but not all of it really calls for comments.

Nick said... 12:35 PM  

Ask questions and stuff. So people can answer. At least you have stuff to write about. I keep running out...

jon said... 4:21 PM  

I enjoy what you blog- people obviously read it- such as the two comments you have already, and those two guys are regularly on Daves blog commenting so Im assuming you have a fairly wide audience (Syd Anglicans!) but maintaining a blog takes a lot of time and effort and the more comments you get the more you will become "addicted" to your blog and the more maintenance it needs. i suppose it all depends what you want the purpose of your blog to be and whether you can dedicate so much time in it, maybe the level it is at now is good?? you write some interesting thoughtful stuff and i love it- anyway ill comment afta each of your posts from now on!! (p.s, these are just observations as i dont have a blog just personal opinions about the blog world,.. i may be wrong)

Anonymous said... 7:16 PM  

i checked it out

Anonymous said... 10:52 PM  

Post more frequently and more interesting stuff and the flocks will come.Thats the thing with web pages , they have to change often for people to return,if they return once then twice and things do not change,they seldom return again.

Dan said... 5:53 PM  

thanks guys. I needed that. Now I can blog in peace. Hey and Nick... I do ask questions. see the last three or four posts!

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