final post for today

sorry. If you are reading these, read this post last. I went to Armidale for the weekend. It was really great to get away with Ren. We went to a wedding of some friends of ours Tim and Fiona. While we were away we got to listen to a lot of music so I am giving a new list.

  • Something Old: The Smiths - The Singles
  • Something New: The Herd - The Sun never sets
  • Something Borrowed: Chris Tomlin - Arriving
  • Something blue: The Black Keys - Rubber factory
The Herd were a particular favorite. I bought this album on friday. I am starting to enjoy Aussie Hip Hop a lot. I wonder how it would go in church?

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David said... 5:09 PM  

I wonder how it would go in church?

i'm happy to help with some beat-boxing or maybe some bridge rapping?

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