Powerpoint backgrounds and fonts

These are key. I have had a lot of fun this week downloading backgrounds and fonts. I feel that sometimes a good background makes a difference in a person as they come into church in whether they are instantly engaged as the song starts. Our youth group has developed this idea. Our night church hasn't yet. I got mine from two sites Dave M put me on to. www.dafont.com is where you can go to get cool fonts, and www.simplyyouthministry.com is where you can get free powerpoint backgrounds. Once you get into fonts and backgrounds though, you will never stop. it's a drug.

Posted byDan at 10:51 AM  


David said... 11:56 AM  

hey dan link to your 3 favourite backgrounds
and 3 favourite fonts.

if those two sites are your main source - i've probably got all the backgrounds... and may have seen a bunch of the fonts too.

sym has some good easter backgrounds this week. sweet!!

i've downloaded the freebies... but they have stacks you can buy too.

daisy said... 9:16 PM  

hey dan,
yeh fonts are awesome, hey.
and yes they're like a drug.
i download stacks of fonts for art and i became addicted for a whole day, lol.
cool blog by the way
from daisy

philidoc said... 8:42 PM  

I have bought eyedrops program for the church which is a collection of backgrounds. We have used them for christmas easter etc. There are hundreds - no thousands. I think Rod Burke has them, but I have them at home if you want to browse.

violinkid said... 10:09 PM  

i have been looking for powerpoint backgrounds for ages!!! thanks

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