New Look, New Year

Hey all. I am aware that I have been a little absent lately. I've been thinking about the time I spent last year on Blogging and the stuff I wrote and whether it was all worth it because there are tons of people out there writing great stuff.
I think that I can make this Blog intentional though (I love that word.) I have recently had a few ideas about some projects that I think could be helpful this year and I'd love to use this blog to promote and plan them. Watch this space.
I went to India and it was awesome. I have left it too long to spend too much time reflecting on it. You can hear some reflections on episode 42 of the Poddy. I'll stick in a piccy here though.
The Taj Mahal was incredible. It seems like a touristy thing to say, but I really was blown away.

Since being in India I have started work at Pacific Hills Christian School. It's great fun. I have a year one class who provide me with endless stories to take home to Renae.

Formal ministry-wise I'm not leading a bible study this year, which is nice to free up my time a bit. I'm not leading a year group at youth anymore either but I do still catch up with the 'Few Good Men' from last
year. They have gone all over but most of them are still involved in ministry at our church so I will have the opportunity to help them out where I can. I am heading up the 'gladness' arm of CCEC youth now. which just means I sing and try to get everyone else to sing too.

At night church there is a much bigger team this year which means more organising, more catching up, and more singers. It's an exciting year with new stuff happening and like I said, the possibility of two great projects that you will hear about later.

all in all it looks to be a great year, and a different year to last year. plus with a whole new style to the blog, I can't go wrong.

I thought I'd let you know what I'm listening to at the moment...

  • Something Old: Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Parylize
  • Something New: Sovereign Grace - Valley of Vision (the newest cd I own)
  • Something Borrowed: Matt Redman - Facedown
  • Something Blue: Chris Whitley - Dirt Floor

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David said... 9:33 AM  

hey good to hear from you again!!

looking forward to reading and interacting with your posts this year...

Dan said... 9:36 AM  

I re-edited that last post with a cool, what I'm listening to section.

David said... 11:15 AM  


are you at school?

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