Women as Worship Leaders

This is something that I have thought about a little bit. But not as much as Bob Kauflin who addresses this topic in his recent post on his blog 'Worship Matters'. One important factor he raises in deciding whether a woman leads the corporate worship time in the church is what exactly the 'lead' role entails. I'm keen to know your thoughts. Is the Worship Leader (I'm not that keen on the title, but it is a tricky one. A friend of mine calls the position the 'WL' so as not to rub anyone up the wrong way.) a teacher, a prophet, an evangelist? or should it be just someone who is turned up the loudest on the mixer? What should the role look like?
In our church we have seperated the position into an MC and a Song Leader, but there is opportunity for either role to teach at times. The way we have split it though makes it possible for those who are not confident at welcoming and in speaking to the congregation to still lead the singing, and it makes it possible for good leaders who are not singers to still lead from the front. I still believe that neither role at our church has firm boundaries yet and these still are being worked out. What does your church do? Do you have women leading your music? How can we pray for your music team?

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David said... 5:08 PM  

Jesus is my worship leader.

maybe the senior minister is a worship leader of sorts???

a teacher, a prophet, an evangelist
no, no, no
(although could be a teacher in the sense that they may teach someone how to sing a song)

i think in our church the mc needs to do more in the way of teaching. i don't think they are there to simply help things to flow - but rather help us reflect on theological truths about church and why we gather and who we gather around etc...

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