Renae, my Ruth

I haven't listened to Mark Driscoll for a long time. My friend Tim uses me to download all his sermons and pass them on on a CD. This morning I decided I would listen to some sermons in the car and I downloaded the recent Redeeming Ruth series from Mars Hill church. The sermons themselves were good but the presentation of the bible reading was awesome. It presented the story to me in a way that was fresh and helped me to focus.
I was struck by Ruth's character. She chooses responsobility to look after her mother-in-law over a more comfortable option living with her own people. She is smart and knows how she can get food and shelter for herself and Naomi. And finally, she puts God and worshipping him above anything else. She gives up her pagan life and joins with God's people and trusts in his providence. I think that in many ways I have married Ruth. My wife has integrity, smarts, and good looks as well as a solid, unshaking faith in God and his promises. I love her and I hope that I can be Boaz to her. (P.S - not to copy other famous photo competitions that take place on other blogs, see how many people you can recognise in this picture... I'm related to at least 4 of them)

Posted byDan at 6:19 PM  


David said... 9:35 AM  

good post.

good competition.

i think i know who some of them are... but i will wait and let others have a go first...

philidoc said... 8:37 PM  

And will she look after her motherinlaw like Ruth - Im sure she will!!

Nick said... 5:48 PM  

I have no idea who any of the people are but....

Do you always put on strange facial expressions when someone takes a photo of you? Do your wedding photos look like that? :)

Andy M said... 8:23 AM  

The guy behind you looks familiar.

Actually, I think I'm related to him!!

David said... 11:55 PM  

renae (wife)
me (really smart bro-in-law)
wendy g (mum)
robyn j (mum-in-law)
drew w
michelle w
annastasia w
jess b?
rachael d
jai o
kim o
sarah v
nathan w
kelly h

that's all my eyes are good for.

am i winning?

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