Mumma and Poppa G

Yesterday we went to a conference about how to reach Generation Y with the gospel. Lots of good stuff was said by Greg Clarke and Jodie McNeill. One thing that stood out for me though was the two parents who shared what it is like to live with four Gen Y kids. It made me think of my own parents and things that they had done when Tim and I were growing up. Mum and Dad have always welcomed my friends into their home. There was rarely a holiday where Tim or I didn't have mates come along. By doing this they became good friends with our friends. I don't think I appreciated this at the time as much as I do now. It has meant that I have grown up close to my parents and my friends rather than abandoning my family to pursue friendship (a common Gen Y trait). Even now my parents have involved themselves in Night church as kind of 'Mumma and Poppa' Night church. they have a growth group in their house and they spend time with younger people even though Tim and I are not there as much. I appreciate this, and I hope that as I grow up I will keep looking for ways to be involved in ministry rather than just settling into life comfortably.

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i heard that mumma g even has a myspace!! very impressive...

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