Went and saw 300 last night. Loved it. I walked out of the cinema desperate to do something manly. What I found really interesting in the movie was the theme of temptation. The temptation to do anything for power, for sex, and for acceptance. Leonidas is offered all these things if he would just bow the knee to Xerxes. Others fail this temptation but he holds true. There is another man who was once offered the world if he would just bend the knee, but he stood up under the temptation. Jesus and Leonidas are real men. Men who don't compromise. My mate Adrian said after the movie that it didn't inspire him to go to war, but it did inspire him to be determined. Men, be determined and don't back down in your resolve to live a holy life.

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Matt & Kate said... 11:11 PM  

Very true Dan. Good thinking!

Nick said... 4:20 PM  


In Type!!!!

Its amazing what you can get out of some movies. The best movies seem to have some somewhat hidden truth.

You see Hollywood? It pays to be deep and meaningful!

David said... 11:44 PM  

just re-read this breif review now that i've seen the movie.

good call.

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