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Chris Tomlin is cool. He looks good, his music is slick and everyone is singing it. Usually that puts me right off someone. I borrowed his album 'Arriving' last year and I came to it with the preconception that I wouldn't like it. Initially I wasn't heaps into it because of the really 'capo-y' chord progressions. However the more I listened the more I loved Chris' exaltation of the trinity and the way that he captured salvation and revealtion history through the album. I still think that he's very hip and very 'christian music', but I think his lyrics are refreshing in a culture of trite phrases and shallow themes. Today I have joined 'Frequency', a site where you can download vids teaching you to arrange the songs better, articles about stuff and have some sense of community with other music leaders and pastors. The coolest thing is though now that I'm a member of Frequency, if Chris Tomlin comes to Australia (he is in july) I get to go early to the concert and be part of a question time about music ministry stuff. Pretty cool I reckon.

Posted byDan at 8:48 AM  


Nixter said... 3:55 PM  

He is doing a gig at Hillsong.. I saw them advertising on the buses there annual big event and Chris is singing there.

Nixter said... 3:55 PM  

I also met a girl through blogs who goes to the church he is at and is in the music team! How cool.

Dan said... 4:59 PM  

Yeah. I saw that. I don't know if I'll head down. I might if I get some Q&A.

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