new look blog

Trying something new. New look, new style, new name, new content. What do you think? (I need some help getting rid of those links in my header. Anyone come to my rescue?)

Posted byDan at 2:39 PM  


David said... 3:20 PM  

you'll need to go into the back end into the template. look for those words and either delete them (and the code around it - dangerous...) or change the links to other things (eg ccecyouth, ccec, your myspace page... ???)

give me your password and i can do it for you if you want?

David said... 11:18 PM  

hey dan.
fixed (with the help of rodeo clown)

hey i reckon you can come up with a better image for the top...

760 x 200

David said... 11:47 PM  

hey dan... you may not like it - but i changed the header of your blog too... what do you think??

if you like the girly looking hill one better (or want to make another one from a pic of your own) let me know and i can change it back.


Dan said... 7:47 AM  

Thanks so much Dave... and Rodeo Clown. It looks good. Is it a bit funny having a picture of yourself at the top of your blog? Other than that, I love it. I'll have to sit down with you some time and work how to do it myself.

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