New address

Hey all. I now have a new url for this site. Welcome to

Please change links accordingly.

Posted byDan at 10:45 AM  


RodeoClown said... 1:11 PM  

Hey Dan,
nice new look!

Can I ask one favour?
Can you please change the feeds to be full-text?

It'll take you about 30 seconds, and it would be much appreciated.

Dan said... 3:00 PM  

then you won't ever come to see my 'nice new look'. Oh well.

RodeoClown said... 3:09 PM  

Don't worry, I'll still come through to read the comments :)

Dan said... 3:50 PM  

The deed is done

RodeoClown said... 4:44 PM  

Many thanks!
(Did you notice that I wrote this comment? That means I've come to your site!)

Dan said... 6:03 PM  

Very well. If I have to keep the bloglines happy.

Andy M said... 8:58 PM  

Aah, so there you are Dan! I was looking for you earlier today and couldn't access your other site. Glad you've resurfaced.

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