See the Morning - CD review

Yesterday I bought Chris Tomlin's new CD - "See the Morning". It's an album full of hope. That is why it is called 'See the Morning'. Tomlin encourages listeners to 'see the morning' when they feel as though they are going through a period of 'darkness'. God's glory and the joy that it brings to witness it is what ultimately gives hope to those who feel overwhelmed.
There are two songs that I'm particularly hooked on. I won't tell you which they are because I don't want to influence your listening.
Overall the album doesn't have the depth that Tomlin's previous album 'Arriving' had. However, it does rock out a lot more. The energy of this album far surpasses that of Arriving which at times felt lethargic.
I'm sure lots of these new songs will make their ways to our church music books before long.

Posted byDan at 5:56 PM  


Andy M said... 7:44 PM  

Hey Dan.
Can you tell us a bit more about Chris Tomlin? I've not heard of him. Does he write music specifically for congregational singing?

Dan said... 10:24 PM  

Hey Andy. Yeah I posted about him a month ago. He has written some fairly well known congregational stuff like 'How Great is Our God' and 'Indescribable'. I don't know if you know these songs. He records in a way that would be difficult to replicate live in church but his songs are simple and seem to have taken off as congregational tunes. I'd link to my older post but I'm not sure how. Maybe I'll embed the link in my cd review.

Dan said... 10:25 PM  

done it. check near the beginning.

Andy M said... 11:13 PM  

Thanks Dan.
I also found his website, and his wikipedia entry. I might pop over to iTunes and listen to some of the samples of his music. There were a few samples on his website which sounded good.
I've not heard of any of those songs but will check them out.

David said... 1:54 AM  

i quite like his version of amazing grace- but i think it's probably a bit overrated.

i like the faster version of everlasting God from

i dig tomlin's gear.

dan is it right to say you didn't dig tomlin about 2 years ago?? if so... what changed... you or him?

Dan said... 7:48 AM  

I didn't like him because of me. I had preconceptions abut 'outsider' church music. I think that as a rule I used to be overly suspicous of new christian artists... particularly those who were sung at 'other' churches.
Now I think that attitude is stupid. Chris's songs are biblical, they are passionate, and they are encouraging.
I do think that there has been a positive shift in Christian recording artists over the last ten years and Chris has been part of this. Ten years ago Christian mainstream music that was being produced was generally weak, soft and shallow. It was dificult to find songs of substance (globally). Guys like Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin have done a great deal to change that. Matt started a movement to change the 'Jesus is my boyfriend' style of song - so he wrote songs about God's majesty and eternal nature. Chris has followed this tradition. I think that Chris is further along the line in terms of writing Christ centred songs. I think over the next few years you will see more specific songs about the cross emerging in the ccli (Christian copyright licensing international) charts.

David said... 8:39 AM  

good reply.

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