Song list

How many songs do you do at your church?
I had a conversation with some guys recently who had a song list of 157 songs. That's heaps! They were concerned that the congregation would get bored if they sang the same songs lots. At church we have probably a cycle of about thirty songs.
The benefit of having less is that you can be well practised in them. So the band at Nite church no longer need chord charts. We only use charts for new songs.
The benefit of lots of songs is that there are lots to choose from, but I see it more as a lot of excess songs that you shouldn't play. What do you think? More or less?

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Ben said... 9:37 AM  

Hey Big D.

Did you see this stuff over at Reason?

High Quality.

Mattius Bootius said... 11:24 AM  

well... some people may not use chord charts... probably should work at being one of them...

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