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TWIST was good. I was only there for three hours on Saturday though. I was setting up for a workshop so missed most of the main session so don't listen to my opinions.
I did have a good time in the workshop. Jon Baldwin and I led a session on teaching new songs to the congregation. It was fun. Lots of people had good ideas to share and it was a really productive time.
Main points I think could be gleaned from the workshop would be:
- there are more than one way to teach a song and different songs require different ways of teaching them.
- Be enthusiastic and confident or you will never get your church to enjoy the song.
- Be directive with your band and the congregation (this can mean that you sound a bit like a teacher sometimes eg. 'lets go over that bit again cos I don't think you got it', but it will pay off in the long run)

It was great hearing a bunch of music leaders having a go at this and I was encouraged by a lot of the delegates there.
I also had heaps of good chats with different people that I found encouraging. Overall although I could only be there for a short time, it was a good time nonetheless.

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