Amy Wood (art fart)

Amy is part of the 'Art fart' team at church. They design our powerpoint slides and videos as well as cover art for our daily reading notes and flyers. They make stuff look good and they help get rid of any bad design distractions that people may have as they come to church for the first time.

Amy has her own website with photos of work she has done on it. You should check it out. She does really simplistic stuff thats effective. She uses lots of different mediums. Her husband Grant has designed the site and he's currently working on one for church. He's a humble guy with great gifts and he is a good friend to me.

Posted byDan at 5:21 PM  


ames said... 4:08 PM  

hey dan.
thanks for the plug.
you should go to and look at the 'vision' page. click on the animation titled 5253. it was the one i was thinking of for the matthew series....what do you think?


Dan said... 11:23 AM  

yeah. It's good. It would be better with tunes behind it. It's also a bit short. How would you use it?

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